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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: OnHTML
Generate a HTML page to be shown with JavaScript
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onHTML ------ Project - proof of concept, a dynamic page generation toolkit. Aim is to create a kit for dynamic web apps which would use JSON as main com protocol making it easier to base multiple front ends upon a single back-end API, for example, browser extensions, desktop and mobile apps, and more without using different backend presentation logic for each frontend type. **Overall functionality so far:** - Basic jQuery JSON to HTML renderer. Supports event binding, attributes, CSS styling and load event callback, right from the JSON output. See test.html for example use. - PHP JSON generator. See php/data.php for example use. **Methods provided by onHTML PHP class:** - **__construct**: create new element. - **setIndexing**: set element indexing on or off. - **addElement**: add new child element for current element. - **addChild**: add existing onHTML object as child for current element. - **addLoadCallback**: register front-end JS function name as load callback for current element. - **addClass**: add one or more classes to current element. - **removeClass**: remove one or more classes from current element. - **attr**: add one or more attributes to element. - **removeAttr**: remove attribute from element. - **bind**: register one or more front-end JS function names as a event callbacks. - **css**: set one or multiple css property's. - **getElementsByClassName**: get collection of elements from global collection by class. Requires indexing to be on. - **getElementsByTagName**: get collection of element from global collection by tag name. Requires indexing to be on. - **getElementById**: get specific element by ID. Requires indexing to be on. - **getElementByOID**: get element by object ID (this is not spl_object_hash). Requires indexing to be on. - **json**: generate and return JSON output. By default, indexing is off. **Some stats and numbers:** - Generation and load time (10 000 elements): ~0.3sec AVG from 100 requests. - Render time (10 000 elements, including gen./load time): ~0.5sec AVG from 100 requests. Tested on a AMD Phenom 2 x4 notebook, with 4GB of RAM, Chrome 20.0, Windows 8 and Zend Server CE (PHP 5.3.9-ZS5.6.0) (data cache and optimizer off). Results on different setups may vary. It is possible to cache PHP rendered JSON inside a Memcached or other caching engine with ease and even compress it as GZIP, so load latency could be improved greatly.